Specialty products

Premium products for special applications or extreme working conditions, with which we increase efficiency, prolong operation and ensure protection during the use of equipment and machines. From special lubricants or greases, to cleaning or storage protection products for for a long time, we have the right solution.

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Speciality products

Gears & bearings

Our specialty lubricants extend the life of your machinery by providing excellent protection. What’s more, they contribute to energy saving and increased efficiency through a considerably lower coefficient of friction.

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The equipment and the structures need products of the highest quality, which provide resistance in the most extreme conditions.

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Special degreasing and cleaning

Demanding work environments and special working conditions lead to the need to efficiently clean the equipment, machines and surfaces involved. For this we offer a wide range of products, which ensure an effective and fast cleaning.

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Protecting objects

Whether after production, for transport or storage, or in use, products and components need to be protected from wear, rust, shock or abrasion. We offer a wide range of specialized products for these needs.

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