About the company

Over the course of many years, we have gained dependable knowledge regarding an effective supply management of lubricants. Working with first class manufacturers and caring for our business partnerships are among the most important factors that have contributed to our becoming a respected regional player in Central and Eastern Europe.

What’s more, we’ve proceeded to complement our activity with a new business division, namely professional hygiene, our privately owned lubricant brand, but also the personal protection equipment range, to become a one stop shop for our customers and partners.

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Started our collaboration due to Vavoline products. We definitely cherish the american origin and its tradition, so we are glad to be partners with brands that share similar values.

JT Trucks & Bus Services SRL

Valtec has been on our side for more than one decade. Not only they offer us the best engine and transmission oils, but they manage our relationship with a professional and proactive attitude; that is why, our partnership is productive and, surely, durable.

Nasib Sif AldinManager Transport Department - AGRO CHIRNOGI SA

After 4 years of fruitful partnership, I can say that we are really pleased of Valtec's quick service and top quality products. We hope that our collaboration stays as productive and, of course, we want it to last.

Eugen PosaAcquisition Manager - EUXIN TRUCKS SRL

Valtec is a reliable partner, and together we have completed several successful projects. They're always alongside us and have a great quality-price ratio.

Beda Impex SRL

Dedication and support. This is what Valtec means to Convex. Our relationship is dependable and fruitful on both sides.

Convex Utilaje Agricole, Piese & Service

Valtec introduced us to Repsol products. We are very satisfied by the good quality-price ratio. Not to mention that the products are effective even in harsh farming conditions.

Lux Com
We evolve


We consistently simplify our workflow in order to improve our services. We listen to our clients’ needs and act accordingly, extracting constructive feedback from every experience in our ambition to progress and always be considered a reliable business partner.



We encourage Valtec team members to take the initiative, develop their skills and share their ideas for improvement. This effort to become better professionals is a constant team challenge, but we are motivated by an ultimate goal: excellent services.

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We believe in

We aim to be a business partner you can trust. That’s why we present things in an open and transparent way. What we say, we always do: the best delivery conditions, excellent consulting practices and outstanding value for money.

Our motto

Communication is key

We are flexible and fast in our execution, maintaining partnerships through careful and constant communication. We are receptive to the needs of our customers and we meet them with creative solutions.

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