Industrial Lubricants

We offer a wide range of industrial lubricants that comply with the most stringent quality standards. This is how we can ensure that your machines and equipment are perfectly lubricated and protected, to enhance their functions, improve their performance, encourage energy savings and extend their service life.

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We keep heavy machines
in line

Iron & Steel

We offer the best solution ranging from fire-resistant fluids to casting and transformer lubricants.

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Keep any cement factory up and running at maximum efficiency with our complete range of industrial gear lubricants.

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Chemical Industry

Our compressor oils are the only choice for any refinery or fertilizers facility. Proved and tested.

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Obtained using the most advanced technologies available, we are proud to offer one of the best selections of transformer oils on the market.

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Mining Engineering

Abrasive contamination and extreme temperatures wear out your equipment. Our mining lubricants act as a technological barrier, providing confidence and protection.

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We are constantly expanding and improving our range of white oils and greases suitable in all special applications in the food industry.

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