Auto lubricants

We represent world-renowned brands offering a full range of tested products to guarantee maximum efficiency. Our lubricants improve the reliability of engines and post-exhaust treatment systems in accordance with current regulations. They also guarantee fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions for even the most advanced engines.

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Passenger Car Lubricants

The advanced specific formulas of our products come from the finest refining processes and the best base oils mixed with the highest quality additives. This way, your engine is cared for with confidence regardless of the manufacturer.

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Heavy Equipment Lubricants

Thousands of test hours, both in the laboratory and in the field, make our lubricants the first choice in vehicle fleet management. Trucks, buses, off-road vehicles or any other type of endurance engines achieve the best consumption with the shortest down time.

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Motorcycle Lubricants

Supplier dedication to R&D and continuous improvement make our lubricants a safe bet for your engine. More efficient, more technologically advanced and more environmentally friendly, they are tested in extreme conditions, including under competitive conditions.

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Greases & Transmission Fluids

Our wide range of products covers the needs of the most diverse assemblies: from hydraulic gearboxes to differentials and beyond. All products meet the highest standards of manufacturers and have their approvals

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Chemical products

Using antifreezes, brake fluids, cleaning sprays or any other kind of automotive related chemicals from Valtec’s portfolio, maintenance has never been easier.

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