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In a nutshell

Repsol is a global leader in the oil and gas industry. It has been operating in this field for over 5 decades and is involved in the following fields: exploration and production, refining, distribution and marketing, power generation and trading.

Repsol expertly provides premium products and services for clients in a variety of industries: automotive, navy, aviation, exploration and oil production.


For over
13 years

For more than a decade, Valtec has been the official distributor of Repsol lubricants. Together we have contributed to the growth and development of the region through our active presence. Performance and adaptability are key elements of this partnership; shared values that make our relationship durable.

We represent

Sustainability & innovation

Repsol is the only company to have received the Gold Class award for facilitating responsible access to new energy sources. Incredible effort and dedication is applied to research fields of biology, geology, engines, bitumens and fuels, all with the purpose of building a better world for the future.

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