Hygiene &
cleaning supplies

Our extensive portfolio offers top professional cleaning and hygiene products for a wide array of companies and organisations. Whether you’re in automotive business, industry, health care, horeca or you just need a spotless working environment, we provide the fastest solutions tailored for your needs.

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Workplace Consumable &
Professional Hygiene


Our wide range of products offer solutions for a clean working environment, such as lint-free highly absorbent paper or top quality cleaning wipes. We also offer consultancy in terms of polishing, grooming, sensitive surface cleaning, degreasing, dust removal and much more.

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Whether you are dealing with contamination in the industrial environment or just need professional hand cleaners or skin care products for your employees, we are ready to keep the work environment clean and healthy through universal solutions for all types of surfaces or substances.

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Building maintenance

Sanitary or work spaces remain impeccable after the use of our sanitary products, both by users and staff: antibacterial cloths, hand soaps and cleaning foams, toilet paper, rolls of paper, dispensing systems and cleaning cloths for a variety of surfaces, suitable for hotels, hospitals, restaurants or even factories and garages.

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Prevent the dangers of infection and maintain an immaculate septic environment with our hygiene solutions, produced based on the latest regulations: toilet paper, paper towels, bedspreads, waste systems, toilet bowl cleaning solutions, antibacterial soap, disinfectant gel, medical wipes for cleaning important areas, delicate equipment and disposable wipes.

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Working in the food & beverage industry requires extensive consideration regarding hygiene. We offer non-woven wipes, cleaning cloths, paper products and other absorption solutions for effective cleaning activities for both clients and employees.

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