Personal protective equipment

We have developed our extensive range of protective equipment to keep your team safe and to carry out your activities without problems. Valtec Safety products offer a complete package for all situations during your activities in which personal protection needs to be provided.

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Protection equipment


From the heavy industry to the food industry, working safety, aseptic environment and cleanliness are essential to avoid possible incidents, interruptions and to ensure product quality and compliance. Our range covers all requirements, from head and hands, to clothing or footwear.

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Both in cars or motorcycles garages and in trucks and heavy-duty workshops, mechanics, painters and other specialized workers need the right protective equipment. Our range includes from protective workwear, gloves and goggles, to overalls and masks.

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Constructions & Agri

On construction sites, but also in the field, operating agricultural equipment, workers must be properly equipped with specific footwear, clothing, helmets, glasses and gloves. We can offer different options for each application and for different budgets.

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Warehousing & Facility management

Storage, handling and all logistics operations have reached a very high level, which requires impeccable organization, high and strict procedures and standards. Proper equipment of the staff, but also the speed in identifying the best solution and fast delivery, are essential needs, which we can cover through our offer of protective equipment products and services.

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Oil & Gas

Both in the extraction area and in production – at various refineries or factories in this segment, the safety and protection of workers is essential and all those who work in these fields strictly follow the rules. We are ready with the necessary products to meet the most demanding requirements.

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Food industry

Specifically in this segment, besides the safety of the staff, the hygiene and anti-bacterial norms are essential things. Along with the classic protective equipment with approvals for use in the food production, we also offer disposable equipment specific to the industry.

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